What Is Driving Consumer Satisfaction in the eBook Reader Universe?

Crimson Hexagon analysis reveals 27% view device and cross-platform content portability as critical to satisfaction — surprisingly smart phones lead the way despite smaller screens.

The Crimson Hexagon Platform was used to analyze 15,000 Twitter posts between 7/1/10 – 7/13/10 that referenced relevant opinion about drivers of consumer satisfaction with eBook readers (hardware platforms) and the eBook reader ecosystem (cross platform e-reader software).
eBook Reader data fell into three main categories: eBook/Mobile (smart phones), eBook/iPad and eBook/Kindle.

Despite the momentum and growing popularity of the Apple iPad as an eBook reading platform, and the Amazon Kindle’s long-standing reputation as being the eBook reader of choice, a majority of the comments posted to Twitter in this analysis were focused on the eBook/Mobile (smart phone) marketplace – 66% vs. a combined 34% for Kindle/iPad.
Positive Experience:
Surprisingly, 78% of posts related to eBook/Mobile fit into the ìpositive experienceî category versus 72% for eBook/Kindle and 55% for eBook/iPad.
Drivers of Satisfaction:
Device and content portability, as well as ready access to more free eBook content were all key to the high satisfaction ‘positive experience’ for consumers, with 27% of comments mapping to those factors.
For the iPad, itís general versatility stood out (12% of comments) as the primary satisfaction factor.
The Kindle satisfies consumers with a trio of factors: affordability (11%), convenient form factor (12%) and a good display screen (8%) optimized for eBook ìpages.
Notable Driver of Dissatisfaction:
While you’d be right to suspect that most dissatisfaction for eBook/Mobile (smart phone) consumers relates to bad display screens (11%) given their reduced size, notably, 17% say iPad fails as an eBook reader because of dissatisfaction with its display screen as well.† The opposite is true for Kindle, with only ìgood screenî related comments driving up consumer satisfaction.
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