What We Learned in 2016

Crimson Hexagon’s 2016 product retrospective

As another year closes here at Crimson Hexagon, we looked back at the commitments we’ve made, to ourselves and our customers with the products and services we deliver, and wanted to check in on how well we’ve been able to accomplish those goals. There are few major advancements and company successes we’ve achieved and built on this year. Our ultimate goal? Like many of you, we monitor our progress, challenges, and successes based on what worked and what didn’t as we prepare for 2017.
So, let’s take a look back at what Crimson has done to help bring you the best-in-class social insights products.

1. Democratizing consumer insights across the enterprise

We made a commitment as a company last year, to improve and build new services that democratize consumer insights across the enterprise. This year, we’ve taken important steps to make this enterprise-ready platform valuable for every business team.
What’s changed? We developed our second product (ever), HelioSight. The intuitive nature of HelioSight helps users find the best ways to uncover social insights easily. The speed of the tool has one of the top draws for a search based data insight solution in the market. From event tracking to campaign strategy and planning, HelioSight offers unlimited searches and lightning fast results.
We’ve made some great advancements over the last few months and will continue to build new cards and insights into this product in 2017. We’re committed to empowering organizations with insights from the voice of the consumer, and this is just one step toward making those insights more accessible to everyone in the enterprise.

2. Build on our ability to find more powerful insights, allowing us to dive deeper into the data

As a company, we pride ourselves on our best-in-class insights, but we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve the relationship between our data visualizations and the people that view them. That’s why we’ve taken the next steps to uncover new layers of depth for business insights to have a greater impact.
For instance, take a look at our new emotion analysis feature. We can now show the emotional shifts of a targeted audience over time. By layering those results with our topic analysis features, we can help you better understand emotional shifts and what they mean for your potential and actual customers in market. This is a great way to validate trends and new areas for growth.

3. Big data is only growing exponentially, as is Crimson’s momentum

Another area where we’ve been able to grow tremendously is our data. With the constant upkeep and indexing of our data library, we needed to find the best ways to connect customers to “their” data, as well as ours. Creating APIs within and outside of our own products was the next step for this. We’ve developed 3 flexible API solutions to make sure whatever your needs are for your business, we can help. This new layer of data analysis helps support our enterprise-ready set of solutions that we will continue to build on in 2017.
With big data at your fingertips, there’s only one way to grow: exponentially! We’ve seen and proven this over the last few years, doubling our staff, as well as our data library. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our page on “What you can do with 1 trillion posts?”, take a look. The possibilities are endless, and we’re not slowing down, which brings us to number 4. 

4. The future is bright and full of new features

Consumer feedback combined with the growth of our product and engineering teams provide us with a solid foundation for building new products and features, launching Crimson even further into customizable content experiences. We are helping our customers become data driven, and make data-driven decisions.
As a company, we’re hyper focused on ensuring that everyone across the organization can see and use the power of social insights. That data is available in different formats to help more teams throughout organizations.
We’ve accomplished a lot this year, doubling our headcount and setting up our new headquarters in Fort Point. But these four areas were important for us to grow effectively.

  • Build a series of products that will empower all users to find the insights they need
  • Constantly look for new ways to improve existing features
  • Grow in tandem with big data, readying ourselves and our products for the needs of the market
  • Invent new features and services to continue to provide best-in-class insights to our customers

Stay tuned in 2017 to find out what’s next for social media analytics and consumer insights, or schedule a demo to see for yourself. 

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