What happens when you mix 850 billion social media posts with a commitment to customers?

What can social insights do?

Social media analytics helped writers and executives at CBS deliver better content to fans of their programs. The same kind of social intelligence gave Pitney Bowes responses in real-time during and after their commercial placement. Globally, digging deeper into social data to find meaningful insights and intelligence has emerged as a valuable form of audience and market analysis – one that is spurring huge momentum at Crimson Hexagon.
We’ve experienced a period of unprecedented growth, driven by customers like General Mills, Saatchi & Saatchi and hundreds of others who have identified powerful new strategies based on insights derived from social media. We now have 10,000 active users tapping into audience intelligence with the Crimson Hexagon platform, and our customer base has grown by 75 percent in the past year.
During that time, we’ve built out our workforce by more than 50 percent, added offices in Chicago and San Francisco while expanding our office in London, and instilling a values-based company culture that helps us succeed. We’re also happy to report our database has reached 850 billion social posts; we expect to blow past 1 trillion by the end of 2016.
We’ve reached these milestones in large part by listening to our customers and growing organically to meet their needs. Today we announced that we’ve recently closed a $20 million growth equity financing round led by Sageview Capital and with the guidance of Shea & Company, LLC. With this investment, we can deliver social insight and audience intelligence to even more companies – companies like yours.
Do you want to:

  • Identify new demographics to target?
  • Pinpoint new strategies for your customer service team?
  • Gather insight from your customers to develop a new product line?

These are just some of the insights Crimson Hexagon users are uncovering from social media analytics.
We’ve marked some major milestones, but we haven’t reached the destination, yet. Actionable, timely insight and intelligence helps companies make better products, operate more efficiently and hire smarter. The time to give social media data more influence in your company is now.

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