Was Ricky Gervais off-base at the Golden Globes?

Not according to audience opinions on Facebook and Twitter
Ricky Gervais has come under critical fire this week for crossing the line at the annual Golden Globes awards show, which was broadcast worldwide this year. The comedian took jabs at actor Charlie Sheen’s latest scandal, Robert Downey Jr.’s arrest record, Hugh Hefer’s new engagement and the failure of ‘The Tourist,’ among many others. Although many published reports and media sources have panned his performance, we wanted to see what the viewing audience thought.

Of the nearly 67,000 opinions from Facebook and Twitter analyzed by Crimson Hexagon, the majority, 77%, gave a generally positive nod to Gervais, with 23% judged to be negative comments. Within those main positive and negative categories Crimson Hexagon also observed many comments specifically related to his Golden Globes performance. Even within that sub-grouping Gervais comes out ahead with 47% of the total volume liking his performance and only 12% taking issue with it.
Even more interesting is the 16% of the group who felt good about Gervais for an unexpected reason — expressing the fact that his comedic targets ìdeservedî their verbal lashings.
What do you think? Did Gervais go to far, or just far enough?
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