Who Told the Truth During the Vice Presidential Debate?

Crimson Hexagon partnered with Current TV to investigate perceptions on Twitter of whether the vice presidential candidates lied or told the truth during their debate last Thursday in Danville, Kentucky.
When Crimson Hexagon teamed up with Current TV to analyze perceptions of truth during the first presidential debate, we found that 29% of the conversation said that Romney was lying, while only 2% of the conversation said the same about President Obama.
With their running mates, we found that the perceptions of telling lies during the debate was much more balanced.  22% of the conversation on Twitter had to do with Congressman Ryan telling lies, and 21% had to do with Vice President Biden telling lies.
However, we found that the running mates differed in terms of perceived truth-telling.  22% of the conversation said that Biden was telling the truth during the debate, but only 1% of the conversation said the same about Ryan.
Although Vice President Biden was thought to be telling lies, he was also perceived to be credible in a way that Congressman Ryan was not.
Check out the rest of the story at Current TV.
Stay tuned to Current TV and to Crimson Hexagon’s blog for analysis of which candidate is perceived to be telling the truth when President Obama and Governor Romney meet for their second debate on Tuesday night.

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