Verizon Fees Have Many Saying They’ll Switch, According to Social Media Analysis

Verizon Wireless looks to continue its perception of being a fee-happy company with consumers. What began with throttling users data access with a tiered data plan, followed by a $2 online payment fee that was repealed after customer outcry, is now turning into an additional $30 fee, as of April 22nd, in order to upgrade to the newest smartphone; a complete 180-degree turn  from their current policy that offers a $30 credit toward your new smartphone purchase. While upgrade charges aren’t a foreign concept to cell phone providers, as Verizon’s three competitors have been charging for the privilege to upgrade, it no doubt comes as a stinging surprise to Verizon’s current and future subscribers. Regardless, Crimson Hexagon’s social media analysis found, not surprisingly, consumers aren’t finding it to be welcome news.

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Crimson Hexagon analyzed over 4,000 reactions on Twitter, and while the reaction was (as expected) resoundingly negative at 51%, it’s interesting to identify what specifically those on Twitter were griping about (what’s driving the sentiment).

  • 25% of the conversations skewed generally negative (general upset with Verizon but no other specific indications).
  • 10% expressed their to desire to jump ship to another carrier or their commitment to not joining Verizon.
  • 9% viewed this as another attempt by Verizon to take advantage of its customers by leveraging, “the level of service and support they’ve come to expect” as its vindication.
  • 7% are feeling the sting and acknowledging the move as a “loyalty punishment” to its current subscribers.

The remainder of the conversation, at 39%, is neutral, with the conversation focused on sharing the news or asking others’ opinion.
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Andrew Brearton and Sean Finn also contributed to this post

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