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In the Agency Campaign Lifecycle we have discussed researching campaign strategy, planning a media buy, developing content for specific audiences, and engaging in effective damage control strategies. In our last post of the series, we will use social media listening to address one of our clients most pressing questions. What is their return on their investment?

While your agency has earned praise for smart media planning and efficient controversy recovery, when it’s time to renew your contract, firms are looking at one thing: return on investment. This is a critical period in the agency lifecycle because a strong campaign does not ensure a contract renewal. In an increasingly competitive market, competitors are aggressively vying for new business and they are increasingly incorporating social media listening into their advertising strategies. Incorporating the leading social analytics tools into your measures of return on investment will boost your client’s satisfaction, giving them access to detailed data on consumer conversations.
Over the past 6 months, roughly 90,000 Tweets have been written about CoverGirl and Twitter Metrics provide us with a broad overview of the CoverGirl conversation. After the NFL’s mismanagement of a domestic abuse scandal in September, CoverGirl received praise for teaming up with Always, engaging in the #LikeAGirl Campaign and Covergirl Ambassador, Katy Perry, was a popular topic of conversation after her Super Bowl halftime show. Becky G., one of Covergirl’s newest ambassadors, has also stimulated a significant amount of conversation, with over 3,800 mentions.
agency ROI mentions-hashtags
In addition to tracking the success of your hashtag campaign or your newest spokesperson by measuring the amount of conversation they have sparked, you can delve deeper into the conversation to see if you’ve also influenced what people are saying about your client’s products. 
User-defined categories allow us to develop an analysis that looks specifically at the products that people are talking about within the CoverGirl conversation, noting which products have garnered the most conversation and what trends have developed over time. With over 20,000 Tweets, CoverGirl products make up a significant part of the larger conversation and eye makeup is the most popular, a conversation segment that has continued to increase in volume. While Katy Perry and long-lasting lipsticks contribute to the product conversation, people are most interested in talking about CoverGirl mascara. Full Lash Bloom mascara is the most popular and contributes to a mascara discussion that includes reviews, first impressions, and online shopping.
agency ROI topic wheel
Digging even deeper, we can investigate consumers’ intent to purchase–a critical measure of CoverGirl’s return on investment. Composed of roughly 13,000 original Tweets, the conversation is growing and almost exclusively positive.
Not surprisingly, the Intent to Purchase conversation is made up of 88% women and 12% men and they are located in all 50 states, lead by New York and California with over 1,000 Tweets authored in the last 6 months.
agency ROI demographics geographics
While your campaign appears to have stimulated positive conversation within your target audience, you can support this claim with Affinities™. People who are talking about wanting and buying CoverGirl products are interested in a variety of beauty-related topics. For instance, they are 92 times more interested in nail polish, 33 times more interested in cosmetics, and 28 times more interested in skin care than the general Twitter audience. In addition to a strong interested in makeup, this CoverGirl audience is also active on social media, being 207 times more interested in blogging. Their affinities also suggest that CoverGirl’s campaigning is targeting the right audience with celebrity ambassadors and a presence at high profile events like award shows. Audience members are 59 times more interested in celebrities, 9 times more interested in jewelry, and 2 times more interested in fashion.
ROI Opinion Brightview Analysis
With analytics ranging from Twitter Metrics to Audience Affinities, proving return on investment has become more precise and more efficient for agencies hoping to grow their clientele in a competitive, tech-savvy economy. Your campaign stands out among the crowd with analyses that span the depth and breadth of social media conversation. This helps you generate success across the campaign cycle and present a comprehensive report for customers who are being pursued by competitors. By taking advantage of all of the tools that Crimson Hexagon has to offer, agencies can build a portfolio that brings customers back again and again.

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