UK Agencies Joining, and Leading, the Conversation

Last week, Crimson Hexagon hosted an event in London, where a number of the UK’s top agencies were invited to join in a conversation around the importance of understanding and analyzing consumer sentiment.  The event proved massively popular: it was over-subscribed, and the excellent venue of the Hospital Club in Soho, central London, was packed.  Agency folk clearly see social media insights as a burning topic, and want to be part of the conversation.
UK agencies take part in social intelligence salon
To stimulate the conversation, our own VP of Marketing, Wayne St Amand, described Crimson Hexagon and how agencies can use our Forsight platform, and then introduced our two speakers for the evening; Oliver Snoddy, head of planning at Twitter UK, and Dan Naylor, Co-founder and Managing Director of Laterall.
Both delivered interesting, articulate, and passionate accounts of the uses of social data in real-world business.  The speakers presented case studies as diverse as Lucozade, the 3 Mobile #DancePonyDance campaign,

Currys/PC World, the Grand National event, and Virgin Active gyms.  Some of the main points raised included:

  • Using social intelligence as a driver of creative marketing and advertising.
  • How social interaction is key to customer service performance.
  • The value in earned media, understanding earned media, and the drivers and values that social media provides.
  • How agencies (and their clients) can move beyond social listening to insight, engagement, and action.

The attendees clearly did not want the conversation to stop there, as these subjects, as well as others – ranging from how to interpret the languages used in social media, to APIs, to the score in that night’s football match – continued to be discussed long after applause for the last speaker.  There is an appetite here, among agencies in the UK, to work on developing a true social intelligence, and demonstrate to their clients the sheer scale of what can be possible if you listen to, and understand, the wider dialogue being shared online.
Big Data Innovation Summit UKGood agencies should never be dismissed as simply doing the tasks set for them by their clients. Good agencies are forward-thinking, and willing to try out ideas and concepts, just like those being discussed at the Hospital Club.  The passion for the subject matter of the night was evident among everyone there, sharing ideas, questioning one another, and generally joining the conversation.
If you’re interested in continuing the conversation, please find my colleagues and me at the Big Data Innovation Summit in London on April 30 and May 1. And, as always, you can follow Crimson Hexagon on Twitter @crimsonhexagon.

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