Twitter Sides with Paula Abdul in American Idol Break

Twitter has now become the communication channel of choice for many celebs to make announcements. The Twitterverse was a buzz yesterday with news of Paula Abdul leaving American Idol. Of course with the hundrreds of buzz tools out there we could have learned of the spike in Tweets or the general sentiment of the Twitterverse. But we unleashed our VoxTrot technology to dive into what the real opinions were of the event. Overall, many were sad, even ìdistraughtî to see her go, with 44% of those expressing opinions saying that they were disappointed and some refusing to even watch the show anymore. The Kirstie Alley announcement and Kara’s role created speculation about new and replacement judges. And 20% just saw the event as a joke, referring to Paula’s sometimes strange behavior as a highlight of the show. Even Bill Clintonís role to free the American journalists was considered as an option to return Paula to Idol.

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