On Twitter, Romney Schools Obama in Education Policy

This post is part of an ongoing series assessing the strengths of presidential candidates in social media.

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According to Republican nominee Mitt Romney, “the greatest civil rights issue of our era”, is education policy.
Naturally, President Obama and the former Governor disagree on how best to proceed, Mitt Romney favors wants to eliminate the Department of Education and the break teacher’s unions; President Obama’s education policy wants to strengthen existing institutions and reform from within.

Net Sentiment Comparison - Romney v. Obama on Education
“Net Sentiment” compares the average percentages of positive and negative conversation for each monitor over time.

So who’s right? 51% of relevant conversation on Twitter feel that former Governor Romney has the stronger position. Forty-eight percent support the President’s plan.
Romney supporters say his voucher plan and his competitive, incentivized education standards make him the stronger candidate.

“I thought the same thing. RT @mattklewis: Romney is really growing into his role as nominee. This education speech was very good.” -@jordanlangdon

His detractors think his background in business make him too focused on the monetary benefit the government would stand to receive.

“I am def not voting for Romney. Shit, I don’t need him cutting more on education instead of taxing the damn richest people.” -@yelybelly

Supporters for President Obama’s initiative believe his background in education allows him to understand the needs of parents and students. Our qualitative visualization shows that themes around higher education—specifically, affordability and equal access—pervade the discussion.

Qualitative Visualization - Conversation Supporting Obama on Education
Each topic in the wheel represents a group of posts found to have similarities in text. Each group is then identified by a frequently mentioned word or short phrase that best describes how that group differs from the others.

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Post by Sean Finn

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