Twitter: Naughty or Nice?

With just a few days to go before the Christmas holiday we thought it would be fun to analyze Twitter and see if people’s Tweets were Naughty or Nice.
Think about the content of your own Tweets — would Santa give you a lump of coal, or that gift you’re hoping for?
Using the Crimson Hexagon ForSight platform we analyzed 1.2 million Tweets from December 16, and determined the theme and tonal quality of the posts.† ‘Nice’ Tweets consisted of people posting things interpreted as being nice, kind, friendly, etc.† ‘Naughty’ Tweets were those interpreted to be aggressive, mean, insulting, profane, or ‘naughty’ in some other way.
As it turns out, 51 percent of Tweets during this period were considered “nice,” but a whopping 49 percent were “naughty.”† That’s a lot of coal Tweeple!
Remember, there’s still time to be nice.† Happy Tweeting and Happy Holidays!

If Santa were making his list based on Tweets many of us would be in trouble!

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