Twitter: May 21st Rapture Was A Joke, Literally

76% Use Rapture as Topic for Jokes or Excuse to Take Part in ‘End of World’ Parties
Well, despite the predictions, the world as we know it still exists. May 21 came and went for most of us as a normal day, sans anything apocryphal. While this outcome wasn’­t unexpected, we thought we’d take a look at the Twitter conversation from Friday, May 20, up through this morning (May 23) to see what Rapture-oriented opinions emerged.
Crimson Hexagon analyzed 535,375 relevant Twitter opinions. The themes of the conversation broke out as follows:
– 67% of the conversation was focused on jokes, humor or sarcasm
– 9% on throwing or attending an End-of-World party
– 10% on direct criticism of Harold Camping
– 5% focused on the fact that the whole rapture thing was anticlimactic
– 3% felt the rapture event brought people closer to God/Religion
– 4% of the discussion was people forwarding news items and news links about the rapture
– 3% were people enthusiastically stating that they had survived the predicted May 21st rapture

What are your thoughts on how the Rapture went down? Does our analysis surprise you? We’­d love to hear your perspective.
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