Twitter & Crimson Partner to Provide Real-Time Social Insights During Sundance

Analyzing social conversation to understand the most buzzed about films and more

The Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off on January 18, is all about reactions. Which film elicited the most enthusiastic response? Which sleeper hit took the crowds by surprise? What are Hollywood’s biggest stars saying?
These reactions tell us as much (or more) about what’s really going on at Sundance as the recaps, reviews and press releases that pop up around the star-studded event. And where do the bulk of this real-time reactions occur? On social media, of course — especially Twitter. Given this, Twitter and Crimson Hexagon will be teaming up to provide insights and audience reactions to the festival’s biggest moments and topics — all in real time.

“Crimson Hexagon’s powerful data insights make it easy to see how the world is reacting to shows like Sundance on Twitter”
-Seth McGuire, Co-GM of Data and Enterprise Solutions at Twitter

By applying Crimson Hexagon’s industry-leading AI to analyze the real-time Sundance conversation on Twitter, the unique partnership will provide instant reactions and real-time insights about:

  • Most talked about screenings
  • Surprise hits
  • Trending political and cultural topics

Here’s an example of the types of insights we’ll be providing throughout Sundance, looking at the most hyped films before the start of the festival:

Follow Twitter Marketing for more info on what’s happening at Sundance, including the top options for food and drink in  Park City:

For more on the Crimson Hexagon platform and why Twitter uses it to analyze their own network, check out this video: 4 reasons Twitter uses Crimson Hexagon to analyze its own network

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