Twitter Captivated By 'Lost' Finale

Two days after the final episode of Lost aired, “Lost finale” is still a trending topic on Twitter. We used our opinion monitoring tool to reveal what everyone has been saying about the episode – here’s what we found:
What's the Buzz About The Lost Finale?
45% of of the conversation loved the episode – no need for Jimmy Kimmel’s alternate endings here. Also in the positive column, 13% of the Tweets commented on how Lost will be missed. One even likened losing Lost to breaking up with a long-time girlfriend. Finally, 11% of the conversation revolved around the episode’s emotional impact – many admitted to shedding tears.
Most of those who viewed the finale negatively were disappointed and thought that the show could have tied up more loose ends. 9%, however, were simply confused about what happened – surprisingly low if you ask me.
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