Trending Toy Insights Lead to 53 Gifts for Children

Santa is Real: You Can Find Him on Twitter

Santa on Tweets on Twitter
Stephanie Newby, CEO of Crimson Hexagon
A holiday message from Stephanie Newby,
CEO of Crimson Hexagon
Holidays are truly a special time of year. It’s a time to relax, a time to share precious moments with your loved ones, and a time to cook and eat delicious home cooked food free of guilt! And above all, it’s a time to spread holiday cheer.
But perhaps that is an adult view. When you’re a kid, Christmas only means one thing: toys. Lots of toys. You count the days until December 25th, and then the hours until dawn, wondering what presents Santa will leave for you under the tree. On the Christmas before my fifth birthday (which is Boxing Day) I woke up really early (it was still dark outside) and tiptoed into the living room to be the first in my family to see what Santa had left. After quite some time, no-one else in the family had joined me, so I went to find out what time it was. One in the morning! Crawling back into bed, under the covers and waiting until dawn was a total let-down. I learned that getting the presents was not so much fun without others to share the excitement with!
Nowadays you can share with friends and family near and far instantaneously. A text, Instagram, tweet, Snapchat or Selfie enables you to show your bounty to your pals. Who doesn’t want to be the one bragging about getting the most popular, hard-to-find toys?
Rather than speculate, or even survey a small group of our colleagues, we used ForSight to look at unsolicited online conversation about holiday shopping. We used our ForSight™ platform to analyze several thousand Twitter conversations to understand holiday shopping plans in the United States this season.
This year we want to mix the power of social media analytics with the power of the giving spirit that abounds in the holiday season. We pride ourselves on the depth of consumer insights our customers can gain about consumer opinions – on any topic. We are supporting the Toys for Tots Foundation because it is a democratizing force in the community: it exists to collect and distribute toys to children whose parents can’t afford to buy gifts for Christmas. We think of social media as a democratizing force in the world, as it spreads access to information globally. So we used social media analytics to determine the most popular toys under $60 parents talk about buying for their children.

These are the top five:

  1. Skylanders Action Figures
  2. Furby Boom
  3. Ever After & Monster High Dolls
  4. Big Hugs Elmo
  5. Despicable Me Minion Dolls

Treanding Toy Online Insights
Top Toy Social Analysis Tpic Wheel and Word Cluster
With this data-driven list in hand, a group of Crimson Hexagonians trekked out to the closest Toys R’ Us in Woburn, MA to buy varieties of these five toys. When we were finished, we had gifts for 53 children and spent over $1,200 to donate to the Foundation.
Trending Toy Insights Toys for Tots
Christmas is just around the corner, and we hope that many more will join us in spreading the holiday cheer.
The next time your children tell you math is boring, just remind them that math and social media helped you do your Christmas shopping. Who ever said kids won’t like analytics?
Merry Christmas from all of us at Crimson Hexagon!

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