Translation Wins Big at Direct Marketing News Awards for Content Marketing Innovation


We are proud of our client, Translation, for their fantastic campaign in 2014, which won last week at the Direct Marketing News Awards for Content Marketing Innovation. The campaign, created for State Farm, featured “Cliff Paul” Chris Paul’s long lost twin brother. Translation’s own Russell Pinke, explain in their submission a little about how this campaign was successful with insights from ForSight™, Crimson Hexagon’s social analytics platform:

“We used Crimson Hexagon to take seemingly qualitative elements of our creative execution and transform them into measurable data points. Our initial goal was to formulate Cliff Paul as a real person in the public imagination, and social data allowed us to track that objective throughout the course of the campaign. Social data has also featured prominently in our client communications with the State Farm team, providing invaluable proof of success and justification for further efforts.
We also monitor how consumers adapt Cliff Paul’s messages into their personal social posts. This gives us a superior sense of the sorts of content our consumer will respond to. Data from the Affinities algorithm in Crimson Hexagon lets us analyze the other things that Cliff Paul’s fans are engaging with, and provides a great deal of inspiration for our own content creation.”
Congrats to @PulseofCulture and @StateFarm for winning best social innovation award at #MTIS2015! cc

We are extremely proud to be a contributor and partner with Translation, providing social data analysis that helped create strong, actionable strategies for success. Congratulations to Translation and State Farm on their win!

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