Top Holiday Gifts of 2017

What does social media say about 2017’s most wanted gifts?

Every year, consumers favor a different set of holiday gifts to buy for others or themselves. In 2017, consumers look forward to buying the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, and iPhone X, according to data from Amazon and Google.
But what are people saying about these products on social media? Is the buzz just as strong? We looked at the social media conversation on those top products to find out what is driving consumer purchases.

PlayStation 4 (35% share of voice)

With a high resolution video output, many consumers perceive PlayStation 4’s graphics to be superior to other consoles. In addition to high quality graphics, consumers appreciate the large library of exclusives.

iPhone X (31% share of voice)

It seems like every iPhone launch generates plenty of hype, but there are several iPhone X features that stand out from the rest like Face ID, Animoji, and a high quality “TrueDepth” camera.

Nintendo Switch (31% share of voice)

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market since March 2017, but it has already quickly amassed a loyal following. Consumers appreciate Nintendo Switch’s versatility.

Xbox One X (4% share of voice)

With consumers claiming the Xbox One X’s performance quality better than other Xbox models, in addition to boasting a 4K Netflix and 4K app for YouTube, the Xbox One X is generating plenty of hype this holiday season. However, it still trails the other top gifts.


By looking at the conversation on social media, we can unearth deeper meaning behind why consumers are searching for those gifts on Google.
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