Three Ways HelioSight Changes The Game For PR Pros

As a public relations and marketing agency, Metis Communications works to provide our clients with a pipeline of consistent and relevant opportunities that support their priorities and business goals. We help clients get seen by the right people, in the right places and at the right time. But, we can’t do it alone. We rely on the best tools in the business to stay on top of every industry and discover valuable insights in real time. Crimson Hexagon’s just-released HelioSight is one of those tools that’s quickly becoming invaluable for our team. Here are just a few ways HelioSight will change the game for PR professionals like us.
Media Relations Made Simple
Between tracking trending topics, developing story ideas, identifying influencers and drafting an attention-grabbing email, there’s no doubt that media pitching can be a time-consuming process. With HelioSight, we’re able to find relevant data in seconds that cuts the time needed for each of these tasks.
PR rule number one: don’t underestimate the power of influencers. You may think you know who has the biggest impact on your audience, but if you’re targeting the same people you identified a year ago, you’re probably missing out on major players in your space. With HelioSight, you identify influencers right here, right now in regards to any particular topic. Case in point: a simple search for who’s talking about cleantech will yield a list of the 100 top influencers in a matter of seconds. It’s our new favorite way to monitor who’s talking in the press in real time.
metis HelioSight image 1Not to mention, our lives are made so much easier when we have compelling statistics that back up a client’s story and convey to reporters why they should care. Let’s say you have a story about Hillary Clinton’s audience and how she can do a better job of reaching older millennials. Using HelioSight, you can quickly learn that just 5 percent of those talking about Hillary Clinton fall between the ages of 25 and 34 — an eye-grabbing insight for media contacts and a strong introduction for a pitch.
metis HelioSight image 2
Staying On Top Of A Crisis
An unfortunate truth of working in PR is that you will, at some point or another, face an unexpected crisis. Having the right tools and processes in place means that both you and your client can be prepared to tackle a crisis head on if and when it arises. Let’s say you’re an agency that represents the Cincinnati Zoo, for example. Given recent news, the zoo is under a lot of criticism and people have taken to Twitter to express their opinions. Using HelioSight, we grabbed a snapshot of how the social conversation has changed over the past few weeks:
As you can see, the conversation mentioning the zoo skyrocketed after the news broke. While conversation volume has decreased since then, negative sentiment has continued to rise. For the zoo’s PR representatives, HelioSight offers an easy way to track these trends in order to understand the nature of the conversation and determine the next move. HelioSight also lets you see who’s talking about the zoo, what keywords they’re using and which tweets received the most attention. This visibility into how an issue is unfolding and who’s controlling the conversation provides PR professionals with the insight they need to give informed and strategic recommendations that can help the client get through the crisis as smoothly as possible.
methis HelioSight image 3Creating Engaging Content

Last but not least, having access to an immediate snapshot of social conversation makes a world of difference when it comes to content creation. Knowing exactly what’s resonating with a brand’s target audience will ensure increased traction and ROI with customers when developing blogs, bylines, e-books and even tweets. If your client focuses on data security trends, you may want to run a quick search to see what people are talking about specifically. If you did, you’d find that within that conversation, top topics include the NFL and IoT (see left).
Playing off of these trending topics can give your content a timely hook that’ll engage your audience and support your brand’s positioning. Once you’ve developed your content, you probably want to provide the most effective social promotion too, right? HelioSight makes it easy by showing you the most popular hashtags that are being used with that topic.
When it comes to PR and marketing agencies, HelioSight not only speeds up day-to-day tasks, but also gives everyone on the team instantaneous access to deep insights that can open the door to new opportunities. We look forward to seeing where it takes us.
For more information on the value of HelioSight, here are a few thoughts from Crimson Hexagon’s CEO on significance of this product.

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