Three Spooky Insights about Halloween Season

Analyzing consumer conversations about the most haunting holiday of the year

Halloween is just around the corner and consumers have been discussing the holiday for much of October. People are getting excited for dressing in costumes, trick or treating, and watching scary movies in the crisp autumn weather. Who doesn’t love our fond memories of Halloween as a kid running around the neighborhood collecting candy? Or the blurry memories of dressing as a sexy “insert any profession” for Halloweekend as a college freshman sneaking into parties no one invited you to? To each their own.

But what can we learn from these conversations? We analyzed the hundreds of thousands of posts online about the spookiest holiday of the year to uncover some fun insights about consumers’ favorite Halloween:

  • Candies
  • Costumes
  • Retailers

MilkyWays and PayDays

What’s the first thing that comes to mind for Halloween? Candy! Chocolates, gummy bears, lollipops, a bad Aaron Carter song, that apple nobody asked for, my personal favorite Almond Joys, @ me I dare you. Who didn’t love collecting as much candy as possible from your neighbors, or even better, going back home and trading it among your friends?

Looking at the last five years, the most discussed candy was candy corn. The candy corn discussion was fueled by years of debate of whether or not people like candy corn. Neon yellow, orange, and white sugar wax, what’s not to love…

Historically, the candy corn debate has been pretty positive. Thirty-six percent of people dislike candy corn and 64% of people are wrong. This year, though, consumers are becoming enlightened as the conversation is 58% negative.

Of the top candy brands, Milky Way, Snickers, and Reese’s are the three most discussed treats during the Halloween season. Of these brands, Skittles had the highest portion of positive conversation.

I’m a mouse…duh

If candy wasn’t the first thing that came to your mind before, you probably thought of costumes. And this makes sense. Of the posts expressing a purchasing decision in the Halloween conversation, most people were talking about buying costumes. Over 125,000 posts in October were discussing buying a costume for the holiday. The next top purchasing conversation was about candy, followed by decorations and alcohol.

Where’s the money?

But where do people buy all of these things? Between costumes, candies and decorations, holidays cost a pretty penny for those celebrating. That money’s going somewhere, and analyzing online posts can help see where.

Since 2010, Etsy has ruled the Halloween buying retailers discussion online, and growing, with a 20% growth in their share of voice. Target has also been on the rise lately, too, taking a good chunk of share of the conversation from Amazon.

Brands certainly don’t want to be left out of the conversation when so many people are out and about buying costumes and candies for their celebration. Social media analytics can help your brand find out where you stand in the consumer’s mind: whether you’re winning the conversation or a ghost in it.

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