Three Reasons Social Insights Matter for Non-Profits

Promoting your mission and marketing your non-profit can be a major challenge, whether you’re at a local group just getting its first grant money, or at a global organization with teams around the world.  We understand that, and we also know that social data can make a huge difference in your organization’s success.  Just ask any of our non-profit clients – including internationally renowned organizations like USAID, National Democratic Institute, and RTI – and they’ll tell you that our Forsight platform gives them the tools they need to effectively research and market their causes.  Here are three distinct ways that social insights can help your non-profit achieve its goals.
1. Research key issues related to your organization’s mission 
Perhaps you need to learn how people across the world feel about a particular issue.  What drives conversation around it, and how do people feel about it as a cause? How much do people discuss it compared to other causes? Who is driving the conversation and who else is taking part?
Or perhaps you’re looking to analyze a specific event, like an election.  What was driving people to vote and who was voting? How did citizens feel about candidates? Do the results reflect the outcome or bring unexpected insights to light?
To illustrate how ForSight™ can answer these questions, we analyzed the #IVoted hashtag after two U.S. elections (the presidential election in 2012 and the midterm election this fall).  Compared to 2012, we found that the midterm election this year generated much less conversation, and the conversation it did generate was from people who were much more likely to be interested in conservative politics.  Comparatively, those posting that they voted in 2012 were likely to be interested in LGBT issues and human rights.
Volume trend comparison from 2014-10-26 to 2014-11-09
AffinitiesDay And Time from 2014-10-26 to 2014-11-09 (1)
Regardless of your organization’s cause, or what aspects of it are important to you and your team, Forsight gives you the tools to find the answers you need.  More than ever, citizens around the world are expressing their views on social media, and having a software that gives you the ability to meaningfully analyze these views can make all the difference for your organization’s mission.
2. Know what campaigns are working, and which ones aren’t.
While most non-profits realize the importance of using social media for outreach campaigns and to build awareness, reporting back on the success of those efforts is less common.  How do you know if a campaign is “successful” on social?  And what does return on investment look like?
Through real-time social media monitoring, you’ll know exactly how many people are involved in a campaign, the sentiment of the conversation, and key influencers and demographics. For example, we used ForSight to check out the Salvation Army’s popular #redkettlechallenge hashtag.
Interestingly, the volume of conversation has steadily and dramatically decreased in December, with a surprisingly high proportion (10%) of the conversation being negative.  While hashtags may be intended to drive positive conversation around a campaign or event, it’s important for non-profits to know the other ways the public is using these campaigns to voice concern or unhappiness with the organization.
3. Use social to find and engage the next generation of donors.
Behind every good non-profit is a good development team, and every good development team knows the importance of finding and cultivating the organization’s next generation of donors.  That means all things millennial.  And guess where millennials spend their time, speak up, and reveal their interests?  Social media. 
Thanks to Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight, we can dive into these millennial-driven conversations.  For people interested in “social change” we can discover the top hashtags to see where these authors are posting and what content is most important to them.  We can also discover key influencers in the conversation… authors that could become an important voice for your organization.
Learn more about our Social Impact Program, and how to get reduced-fee access to our ForSight platform.
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