Join us at Cannes Lions and Meet Three Organisations Successfully Using Social Intelligence to Drive Creativity

In a YouTube world, how can brands match audience to influencer? What makes customer feedback on Twitter different than the call centre? How can analysing social data help identify a food shortage?
Here at Crimson Hexagon we’re constantly hearing from customers about how they’re tapping into social intelligence tools like ours to fuel creative marketing campaigns, strategy, and even make the world a better place. From researching audience behaviour and opinion on social media, to identifying key influencers that can help carry the campaign message further, social media is providing some of the world’s most renowned organisations with valuable insights when it comes to planning creative campaigns.
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This year, we’ve invited our top clients across agencies, brands and not for profit organisations to our cabana to discuss how they’re leveraging social intelligence to fuel creativity in key campaigns each day beginning each day at 4.30pm while at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Read on to see the full schedule and how each organisation is using social insights to drive creativity.
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United Nations, Global Pulse
You’ve heard about how big data is transforming the world of business, now learn how it’s being used in the fight against hunger, disease, discrimination. On Monday, 20th June, Anoush Tatevossian, Strategic Communications & Partnerships Officer at The UN, Global Pulse talks “Data Philanthropy” and how innovators across the UN are leveraging the power of social data and analytics.
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O2 Telefónica
The team at O2 are well known for their creative marketing tactics and have been recognised for their work on campaigns like, ‘Be More Dog’, O2 Priority, and more recently their sponsorship of the England Rugby team with #WearTheRose. On Tuesday, June 21st, hear from Daryl West, Digital Insights lead at O2, on how his team uses social analytics to help drive the creative process and campaign success.
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Social Chain
The monumental growth of influencer marketing has lead to a dramatic shift in focus and spend for many CMOs. It is estimated that 70% of internet users prefer engagement with marketing content as opposed to other traditional advertising techniques, highlighting the advantage this could hold for brands. On Tuesday, June 21st, Steven Bartlett, CEO at Social Chain, discusses the rise of influencer marketing and its impact on marketing strategy.
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