The Age of the Image

Well into the information age, we have arrived at information overload. There are too many words — everywhere — and we simply cannot take it all in. Reading stories for both learning and information has been essential to the development and education of humans from infancy into old age for more than 600 years. Is it possible that reading is going away?
Enter the visual age, where stories are told through images. No words needed. My guest on CEOs Talk Social, Luca Boschin, CEO of LogoGrab, audaciously predicts that books will become obsolete. He does point out that in 1440 the printing press made reading ubiquitous and oral storytelling obsolete. And mobile phones have not only made cameras a thing of the past, but will do the same for books. An alarming increase in the number of teens who never read books should be a warning bell for the publishing industry.
LogoGrab is a young company founded by former Google researchers who are using A.I. to analyze billions of photos and video. Brands are rushing to ensure they can identify when and where their logos are being published across the web. And eBay has been able to use LogoGrab to identify counterfeit merchandise on its eCommerce platform.
Join me on August 24th at 10am EST as we hear more from Luca Boschin, and get to know the personality behind the CEO title of this intriguing young company from Dublin.

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