The State of Apple

Analyzing consumer conversations to better understand the current state of the tech giant

Apple has long been a mainstay in the personal electronics landscape, but is it still the dominant force it once was? Or is it losing its shine? One way to tell is by the response the company gets at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where they announce a new operating system for their phones, as well as other upgrades and releases. In many ways, this event is a bellwether for the company as a whole. Are consumers buzzing with anticipation? Or yawning at seemingly negligible upgrades?

At this year’s WWDC, Apple announced a bevy of new feature updates that build and better the tech giant’s iPhone product. To see how Apple’s current state of affairs hold up, we looked at millions of posts to discover:

  • Top iOS releases and major features from past releases
  • Trends that influence conversation volume
  • iOS 12’s most loved features

iOS History

Apple announces a new iOS update every year at their annual WWDC. Some developments are more significant than others, through early features like Apps or Siri, to newer updates like AirDrop or iOS 12 trying to get you to use your phone less. With their newest updates, Apple proves they rarely remain predictable in their development of America’s favorite mobile operating system.

But which iOS update has been the most discussed now and in the past?

The general trend for iOS update discussion has been upward trajectory for the past 6 updates, with lower volumes for iOS 10 and 11, but another uptick for 12. Apple continues to show strength and dominance in the smartphone market as they continually update their model, trying to consistently match (or anticipate) consumer demand.

All of these features dominated the conversation about their respective launches. Having one dominant new feature helps Apple conversation grow with each new system development.

In less discussed updates, the most notable topic was Siri and the App Store, things that didn’t receive major developments or reflect a significant overhaul on an app.

Most Loved Features

Which of iOS 12 features are consumer favorites? By tracking consumer sentiment surrounding each feature, Apple can see which developments were the best received and can see deeper into what their consumer base wants from their next products.

As it turns out, the most loved features are those that actually let you use your phone less.

Apple has long received criticism for their consumers’ addictions to their products. In response to these complaints, Apple is releasing updates to Do Not Disturb and a new feature Screen Time. Both allow users to set time frames to stop notifications and suggest when it might be time to take a break from an app or from your phone in general, respectively.

The good news for Apple is that even their least popular update, to messages, is still viewed positively overall.

Being able to measure how much conversation they’re creating and the consumer reaction to their new features allows Apple to see what development efforts are working for them and which ones are creating the most buzz about them.

With this analysis, they can see that further developments could made in order to connect people to their friends and family, to build off their strong performing Group Facetime, and build on ways to get their consumers to further themselves from their product, to build off their strong performing do not disturb and screen time.

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