The Simple Answer to Attracting Millennials and Gen Z This Holiday Season

Attracting millennials to retail locations might not be about what you’re selling, but how you’re selling it

This post was originally published in Total Retail.

The holiday season is drawing near and brands have begun gearing up to knock down prices and pull as many people into their stores during the biggest shopping season of the year. Drawing the biggest crowds could be as simple as offering the lowest prices, but are there better ways to draw everyone in?

Marketers have been trying to nail down the millennial generation for years. They’re interested in experiences, they’re not interested in malls, they’re as interested in potatoes as everyone else. People cannot seem to decipher what millennials want.

But there’s one thing the data agrees with: Millennials are less interested in retail than other generations.

Millennials are accustomed to doing everything with their phones, including shopping. Venmo could be the answer to how retail brands can spark some consumer interest among their younger audiences.

Younger audiences are very interested in Venmo, especially compared to other forms of digital payments. While many brands offer Apple Pay in stores so that consumers can utilize their phones for payment, young people don’t seem to be interested in Apple Pay, in fact it’s the digital payment option with the oldest audience. Accepting Venmo could be an exciting differentiator to young people.

And beyond being a wildly popular method of payment for young consumers, over 23,000 people have expressed online their desire to use it while shopping. Brands can pull market share by hopping on a trend that has plenty of demand but no execution, at least not yet.

By offering different payment methods, brands can keep all of their audiences, young and old, happiest and that can be the best way to keep them coming back for their holiday shopping and beyond.

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