The Rosé Effect

Tracking consumer conversations online to understand rosé’s dramatic rise in popularity

The cyclicality of wine has been a consumer trend for decades. There’s nothing like a cold white wine on a hot summer day or a red by the fire in winter. And given this flow from whites to reds and back again, it’s not surprising that consumer interest ebbs and flows following the same patterns. But there’s a trend underway that’s upending the decade’s old tradition: Rosé.

Rosé wine has been on the rise for years. But who is driving the conversation and how large has the conversation grown? Has the trend branched out into other beverages outside of wine?

In the past five years, the rosé wine conversation has skyrocketed. In 2013, rosé wine made up a tiny fraction of the wine conversation, compared to the more traditional reds and whites. Since then, the rosé wine has been growing and has amassed more than 30% of the conversation.

The discussion of rosé wine has mostly been chipping away from the white wine conversation. While red wine continues to make up the majority of the conversation, especially during colder months, white wine has fallen from about 50% of the conversation to about 30%. Much of that conversation has shifted to rosé: summer’s new favorite wine.

This change can be shown further by looking at who is drinking each type of wine. Rosé wine and white wine have very similar audiences: young women.

The trend has clearly already started. But consumer conversations haven’t reached peak-trend level volumes. There’s still plenty of room in the market for alcohol brands to get in on the trend. If a brand is looking to diversify its target audience, a rosé line could be an easy way to do so.

Discovering these trends can help alcohol brands with both their marketing and product development efforts. If a brand’s audience is too niche, diversifying products can help diversify markets. Homing in on the industry trends happening today is one of the best ways for brands to reach new levels of success in their markets.

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