The Rise of the Hi-Tech Home

Exploring the smart home trend among APAC audiences

Fantasy becomes reality

It’s official: we’re living in the age of the smart home. Once seen as a futuristic fantasy, these hi-tech living spaces represent some of the latest in cutting-edge AI technology, and they’re gearing up to sweep the world. Market growth globally is predicted to increase by a massive 250% between 2017-2019, with the APAC region seen as a key player in driving the sector’s overall growth. Locations such as Hong Kong and Singapore, already highly advanced in technology, have been identified as particular hotspots for leading smart home market growth.

Smart home brands will be expected to focus on offerings that form an entire ecosystem for the home, including whole suites of products that talk to one another seamlessly. These could include home surveillance systems, smart speakers and lighting controls, all connected through a central hub.

With such a new and fast-moving market, smart home brands looking to enter the APAC region would benefit from gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the latest trends. The ability to understand and anticipate the nature, momentum, direction, and staying power of trends is essential for creating a reliable and data-backed marketing strategy.

In this post, we use AI-Powered Consumer Insights to collect and analyse insights on smart home trends from billions of online consumer discussions within the APAC region. We draw on social discussion data from over the last four years, including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, QQ, and Tumblr, along with blogs and forums.  

Lasting and robust interest

Consumers in the APAC region have maintained a healthy discussion volume around smart homes for a number of years, with levels rising, and beginning to even out more recently, as shown below. This pattern suggests the topic is already fairly mature among this regional audience, which has developed a lasting and robust interest in smart homes. Smart homes are definitely not a fad, and seem to be here to stay.  

Positive and joyful

The sentiment of the discussions related to smart homes has been overwhelmingly positive, as shown below. Positive sentiment was at its highest point in the first quarter of 2018. The proportion of negativity was much smaller, and remained fairly consistent throughout the four-year analysis period, with no large spikes. Taken as a whole, this trend towards positivity indicates strong audience acceptance of and interest in smart homes, which bodes well for the future development of the industry in the APAC region.

We can build on the positive/negative analysis and gain further insights by exploring the specific emotions within the smart home discussion. As shown below, the predominant emotion is Joy, and that has been the case for the last four years. Clearly, APAC consumers love smart homes, and that won’t be changing any time soon.

Diving deeper

Exploring the smart home discussion in more depth shows a wide variety of relevant keywords emerging. This is helpful as it gives us a sense of specific topics that might be trending. In this analysis, consumers are discussing broader topics such as ‘gadgets’, ‘appliances’, ‘security’, and ‘control’, alongside more specialist ones such as ‘arduino’, and ‘homekit’. This supports our earlier sentiment analysis by demonstrating a strong trend for consumer engagement with the smart home topic.

Analysing affinities

Looking at audience affinity trends is a good way to identify associated interests that may be useful when designing new campaigns or seeking partnerships. The affinities chart below shows some of the major topics that are being discussed by the APAC audience discussing smart homes. People interested in smart homes are also likely to be talking about topics such as Bollywood, cricket, software development and science and technology. India is strongly represented, indicating this could be one of the most fertile emerging markets where consumers are interested in smart home products.


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