The Red Carpet is a Runway

What social media analytics can tell us about awards shows and beauty trends

Award shows are about beauty and fashion as much as they are about movies, television, and music. With huge audiences (37.3 million viewers for the 2016 Oscars and 20 million viewers for the 2017 Golden Globes) and abundant social media reactions to the fashion statements made by attendees, award shows are lucrative marketing nights for beauty brands.  They have long recognized the benefits of simply having a presence at the Oscars and the Golden Globes, but in the age of social, the picture is a bit more complex. Social media serves as a barometer that measures audience reception and engagement with beauty brands.


When it comes to conversation volume about beauty brands, the Oscars eclipses the Golden Globes, with almost double the conversation volume. Though both award shows are major events, the Oscars still reigns as “Hollywood’s biggest night.”

By inviting bloggers to create social content that their estimated 20 million consumers can interact with, brands at the Oscars stand to benefit. We looked at 14 trending beauty brands and how they were discussed at the Oscars and the Golden Globes.


Different interests distinguish people discussing beauty brands. Comparing the top two brands at the Golden Globes – Tom Ford and Chanel – we found that people discussing Tom Ford (see below) are more interested in news, politics, and technology than people discussing Chanel. People discussing Chanel have interests in visual arts, fashion, and beauty. Because Tom Ford is an outspoken LGBT activist, and there is a stronger persona attached to his name, people discussing Tom Ford are likely to share his views on certain social issues.

Comparing the top two brands at the Oscars – Chanel and MAC – the Chanel brand skews younger, with interests in Robert Pattinson and the Twilight series. Those interested in MAC are also sports fans, evidenced by their interests in SportsCenter, basketball player Kendrick Perkins, NHL, NCAA, and New York jets.


The Oscars and Golden Globes have proven themselves to be a uniting force for beauty brands, bloggers, and audiences. With higher viewership than New York Fashion Week, which caters more to fashion industry insiders, award shows are an effective way for brands to showcase their products, using social media to both tell stories and derive insights from their audiences. At awards ceremonies, beauty brands are the stars of the marketing show.

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