The Power of Influencer Marketing

The holy grail for marketers today is the fulfillment of an ongoing quest to get a piece of content to go viral. It’s an elusive target, and much milk has been spilt by brands in their valiant attempts. Tears have been shed along the trail – there are many examples of campaigns that have had to be recalled: Coke’s ad showing a bunch of white do-gooders in Mexico (considered racist and colonialist) and World Wildlife Fund’s re-imagining of 9/11 featuring hundreds of jets flying towards the World Trade Center are just a couple of examples.
An up and coming agency in the north of England is beating the odds. Social Chain’s Steve Bartlett has cracked a formula that leverages influencer marketing plus a whole lot of gumption, enabling him to guarantee virality.
His team starts by digging deep into social media data to analyze target audiences and identify influencers that traditional methods may have overlooked. Then they add in some secret sauce focused on making that audience feel something. (And yes, puppies may be included – what is social without them?)
I am looking forward to interviewing Steve on Social CEO’s Talk Social on August 25th to learn more about Steve’s super powers, and that secret sauce he brews to leverage influence marketing. He will state that “Influencer Marketing is powerful”, and quotes a McKinsey study: “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising”. In addition, those that were acquired through word-of-mouth had a 37 percent higher retention rate.
Here at Crimson we love data and we love people who are able to extract valuable insights from social data to drive strategic business decisions. And I personally love to interview CEOs who are unafraid to step out from behind the title and tell us a bit more about themselves. That’s why we have some fun in our Social CEO’s Talk Social webinar. Join us on August 25th and learn more about Steve, his company, Influencer Marketing, and getting your content to go viral.

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