The Modernization of Makeup: Advertising

Changing consumer demographics signal a major change in celebrities’ role in the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry used to have a tried and true method for advertising. Top brands like MAC or Chanel would hire celebrities to be the face of their brands. Through TV commercials, magazine spreads, and online ads, brands would bombard consumers with faces of their favorite stars so they would think “well she wears MAC, so I should too” or “maybe if I wear Chanel I will look like her.”

The conversations online have signaled that this trend is well underway. The rise of the beauty influencer vloggers has been meteoric. In 2013, virtually nobody was talking about YouTube vloggers but now in 2018 they make up 80% of the conversation.

The incredible rise of the YouTube vlogger is thanks to the consumers’ desire to actually utilize the products they buy. Teaching consumers how to perfect the winged eyeliner or a smokey eye look has soared in popularity, and brands have taken notice. If Tati uses MAC for that smokey eye, the consumer is more likely to use MAC too. These vloggers also review products so consumers can better understand the product before purchasing.

Getting in on this trend can keep a makeup brand relevant. Especially with the audience watching these videos: young women, the gold mine for the cosmetics industry.

While the entire cosmetics conversation is dominated by women, the Vlogger audience is much younger than those talking about celebrity endorsements. With this increased exposure among younger audiences, makeup brands can specifically market to young women by partnering with YouTube and Instagram beauty influencers.

While it’s an option with more risk, as most YouTube vloggers will review makeup products honestly, so a low quality product will likely elicit a low quality review. But the reward is much greater (and likely much less expensive) than the celebrity ambassador option. A direct-to-consumer medium that encourages a brand’s target market to purchase and use its products is a much more efficient way to engage your audience than a celebrity on a magazine spread.

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