The Future of Home Entertainment

Social media data reveals the rise of cord-cutting, live streaming and other trends upending cable

Remember cable? That service that brings you unlimited commercials, mediocre entertainment and a poor customer service?
Research shows that by 2025, half the adults under the age of 32 will not pay for TV.
For an industry that makes $19.5 billion from set-top boxes alone, this is quite a blow.


We analyzed millions of social media conversations about entertainment to better understand the landscape and make inferences about the future of home entertainment. Here are three of the most important takeaways.

People started talking about cutting the cord before cable companies recognized there was an issue

How do we know? An analysis of social media conversations revealed that the cord-cutting chatter has consistently climbed in the last three years, from around 20,000 posts in 2013 to over 120,000 in 2016. Which led us to ask: Did social media help spread the cord-cutting trend?

Social media rapidly became a support group for traumatized cable subscribers where the hate for TV transformed into love for Netflix.

There is a tight fight among streaming services to clamor to the top

Streaming services may have eaten cable’s lunch but they still have to fight rivals in their own category. Netflix emerged as the darling of this category, eliciting positive consumer sentiment, the highest share of voice, and loving tweets.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.11.24 PM

IRL concerts are becoming URL concerts

Where are teens watching concerts? On the internet, of course!
This is the cord-nevers generation that turns to the internet for everything, even live events such as concerts, sports and festivals. Crimson Hexagon data shows that the audience skews younger — teens who are inhibited from attending events due to costs and location.
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