The Emojification of Marketing

As marketeers are exploring and developing new, innovative ways to up their game for 2016, it seems that the use of emoji’s in modern-day marketing and advertising is set to increase. After all, in November last year the highly-respected Oxford Dictionary decided that 2015’s “word” of the year is actually not a word at all, but a laughing face emoji. As a result, we decided this required some investigation on social.
laughing face
In this day and age, perhaps it is appropriate to suggest that emojis are now a language in their own right. Emojis are now embedded within the conversations of all ages and genders, they have almost become a language in their own right. With the saying “a picture paints a thousand words”, we are now seeing marketing and advertising departments utilising the power of the emoji.
Whether it be through actual billboard advertisements, or using emoji’s when engaging with consumers on social, it has become clear that they are very much part of the framework in terms of innovative ways brands can engage and converse with consumers. This is simply done as a way to show that they are keeping up with the trends and remaining relevant to the times, engaging their customers in doing so.
McDonald’s are just one brand that have really got to grips with the use of emojis. They rolled out the use of emoji on a number of print ad campaigns, seemingly to engage the younger audience who might have a better understanding of the message they are trying to convey.
But, they’re not just effective on billboard ad campaigns. Amidst all the criticism surrounding this year’s so-called lack of festive design, Starbucks have their own, unique Twitter emoji for their christmas cups. Fans on Twitter simply use the hashtag #redcup and as if by magic, a mini red Starbucks cup appears (clever as well as cute!). This was also the case with Coca-Cola, whereby the hashtag #shareacoke produces a mini Coca-Cola bottle.
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 13.22.44Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 13.24.09
With conversation reaching a volume of around 32,000 in just three weeks, the #redcup gimmick proved to be an extremely simple way to gain more buzz and awareness of the brand on social.
redcup topic wheel
As a whole, it seems as though everyone has jumped on the emoji bandwagon. You can now even order a Dominos in the US now by tweeting them a pizza emoji. That just says it all; the world of social has fully embraced the emoji.
However, as well as simply outlining what is being done by which brands, we found it useful to look at consumer sentiment around the topic. Turning to social opens up a plethora of more honest, unsolicited opinions on any given topic, providing extremely insightful data.
Opinion Analysis from 2015-10-06 to 2015-11-19 (1)
As proven by the graph above, the majority of consumers appreciate the use of emojis in modern marketing campaigns. Going by this, we can only assume that it is something we will be seeing more of in the near future.

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