The Automotive Industry Can Benefit From Social Media Analysis

In today’s business climate, it’s crucial to know your consumer.

One of the most strategic ways to ensure understanding of your listeners is to monitor how they interact and behave in their free time. This can be done with ease, through social media analysis. These analyses can be the answer to some of your most crucial marketing questions, but, can this apply across every business model? How can you know if an industry, based entirely off personal interactions, would find insights on a social platform?
There are thousands of enterprise-level brands that subscribe to social analytics to verify the successes of their products. In an industry like automotive sales, the connection may not seem as clear. What’s important to remember is not how many people would be discussing your dealership in particular, but the product that you are selling, and how they are using that product.
We created an industry analysis report on six major brands in the auto industry, in the US and the UK. We also analyzed conversation within the auto industry at large. This article argues that it’s not specific enough to measure the value of general social conversation, it must be measured on a local scale in order to gain the most useful insights. Thankfully, with ForSight, you can specify a geo-location to focus on, to see what’s truly relevant in the car industry to consumers in your area! This means you’ll be able to understand the overall demographics and psychographics for consumers, in your area, and plan strategies that will entice them to purchase your vehicles locally.
Another great factor for using social data to inform auto selling strategies is the ability to analyze behavior on a historical scale. The fluctuations of purchase behavior can be related to many factors, but the blunt honesty of social feedback can really highlight why people are buying a car today, versus yesterday or two months before. It also allows you to see what comparative campaigns are successful across the market. Which dealer is selling best nationwide, according to social? Why are their campaigns so great? What did they do differently when building out their tactics? Be inspired and aware of your surroundings by using social data to your advantage.
Monitoring these conversations with alerts also allows for car dealers to be cognizant of prime selling times throughout the year, and reposition marketing strategies to correlate with those time periods. Alerts give you the freedom to walk away from the tool and know that if something controversial happens to your product line, you will be aware and able to plan how best to react to the situation.
To say that consumer-driven information isn’t valuable in the automotive industry is simply untrue. Every piece of data counts and it’s customer behavior that can describe everything you need to know to close the deal. Crimson’s analysis could be the key to landing your next big sale.
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