Crimson Team Members Win for Charity

Recently, Crimson Hexagon employees joined over 600 entrepreneurs from the greater Boston area to participate in the 2nd Annual Entrepreneur Games at The Reggie Lewis Center. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness and financial support for BUILD, a nonprofit organization that guides and inspires high school students through an introduction to entrepreneurship and works to improve academic performance for collegiate acceptance.
Crimson team plays for BUILD charity
99 percent of students who are part of BUILD will graduate from high school and colleges will accept the vast majority. The team at BUILD kicked off their amazing event with a video that informed the audience of their message. And from there, it was time to “let the games begin!”
With events ranging from competitive volleyball to “Dance Dance Revolution” contests, and even a 50-meter sprint, our Crimson Hexagon team was excited to tackle these physical challenges. We were sporting white Crimson Hexagon t-shirts with a Brazil flag on the sleeve (our nod to the World Cup). We teamed up with a few other local companies to wear the green and blue flag.
Crimson Team member participates in hula hoop
It didn’t take long for some of our team members to jump into a heated hula-hoop competition. We enjoyed food served by local vendors in the track area, and there was free beer for those 21 or older and basketball in the gym. It wasn’t surprising that people lingered around the basketball court, although the free pizza in the track area brought the most participants to “join in” very early in the night.
Crimson Hexagon participated in most of the events. Dodgeball, four corners, volleyball, jump-rope, and the track events were among the most popular for our group. The highlight of the night for us came when the Crimson Hexagon team rallied around the track as we watched our most athletic participants sprint their hearts out. We cheered while our teammates and co-workers zoomed down the track. “Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé” roared through the voices of the Brazil section in the stands every time an event was won. Among those were the four corners competition and the corn-hole challenge. The winning country was Vietnam, but Brazil fell just short by one or two events.
Crimson team members for charity
Even with a loss in competition, all of Crimson Hexagon’s participants won in the end. The handful of interns who were there mingled with one another while integrating themselves with full-time Crimson Hexagoners. Socializing and getting to know our new team members was another reason this was such a successful event. The night was really just fun and games (literally). Thanks to BUILD and the Boston entrepreneur community for a fantastic night!

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