Tallying-up the "Inglorious" Reception: Someday is Today

Inglorious Basterds won at the box office and dominated Twitter conversations this weekend. In addition to grossing nearly $37 million, Quentin Tarantino’s World War II-themed saga has been afixed to Twitter’s trending topics list since Friday.
Word of mouth referrals are nothing new to the movie business. But, as Simon Dumenco (@simondumenco) points out in Friday’s AdAge, Twitter brings an element of speed and reach that is entirely new – and, he argues – potentially threatening to Hollywood. To better understand Twitter content about new releases, Dumenco speculates that ‘someday soon, someone’s going to get a PhD in the statistical parsing of Twitter data streams’
Well, Mr. Dumenco, let us humbly assert that someday is today. Crimson Hexagon turned its algorithm (created by a Harvard PhD professor) loose on this weekend’s Twitter conversation about Inglorious Basterds.
movie 2
We performed the PhD magic on a sample of over 4500 Tweets from this weekend and found that:

  • 40% of all Tweets on Inglorious praised the film, with an additional 9% hailing it as classic Tarantino
  • Anticipation was still high, with almost a quarter of all Twitters talking about the movie still eager to see it
  • The critics? Quiet so far, with only 8% of Tweets expressing disappointment at Tarantino or the film
  • Finally, 14% want to know othersí opinions about the movie: Glad we could help

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