Tableau & Crimson Hexagon: Social Analytics Meets the Enterprise

Data – like people – seems to work best in good company. You can see the results of the algorithm analysis in isolation, find the key metrics on social media behaviour, and make intriguing discoveries around the topics you care about most by digging into the authors and topics of conversation. These are data points that will inform countless decisions in Marketing, Product Development, Customer Service and Social Selling.
But if you would take a step further, and combine those Crimson Hexagon insights with the busy intersections of big data tools, something magical happens. That is when you see facts and figures about your audience you have genuinely never had access to before. That is when Big Data lives up to the hype, and digital becomes an information source that outsmarts the bricks and mortar.
At Crimson Hexagon, we invest heavily in our API access and technology partnerships. We never hold data captive and believe the immediate use cases within our platform are likely only the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with our social media insights. Our bright and ambitious customers tend to agree, and proactively use Tableau to enable our data making quantum leaps into Business Intelligence.
Specifically, there is the case of aligning our Crimson Hexagon insights about the feature requests made by your consumers, with their behavior and purchase decisions. People ask for certain changes on social media and direct contact with you, but also through the way they buy and behave without your product ecosystem. What could you learn from bringing that data together? And could you pick up an emerging trend on social long before it impacts your other consumer data, knowing from historical comparisons what a tipping point looks like?
For consumer electronics, for retail, for automotive, for FMCG, and for many other industries, the Crimson Hexagon insights within Tableau can open up a world of new perspectives, can be shared across your organisation and cause a flood of innovation within your business.
And that is why we are very proud and very excited to announce our partnership with the industry leader Tableau. Tableau helps people see and understand data, and that is a mission statement we hold very dear to our hearts at Crimson Hexagon as well.
Ellie Fields, VP of Product Marketing, Tableau Software said: “Social media data helps people answer a host of compelling questions. We’re excited to welcome Crimson Hexagon as a Tableau technology partner providing a platform to better understand conversations at scale.”
If you are a Crimson Hexagon user looking at exploring more, or an excited Tableau fan that would like to see this live – we’d love to hear from you!

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