Sweetgreen Makes for Sweet Brand Management: Kale You Believe it?

How Sweetgreen takes advantage of social media to reach their target audience

Sweetgreen brand management
Sweetgreen is a fresh take on healthy quick service dining, offering high-end organic salads. Founded by Georgetown University students, salad shops fueled by local ingredients are moving from the DC metro area to New York and Boston. Founded in 2007, Sweetgreen has been growing as quickly as any fresh new brand. How have they achieved this enviable growth? Sweetgreen has harnessed social media to manage their brand impeccably and reach their target audiences with ease. What attributes of the young salad shop brand drive online conversation?
Sweetgreen brand management opinion analysis topic wheel
Using ForSight™ social analysis platform, we discovered three of the consistent topic trends motivating conversation around Sweetgreen are their salads, new Sweetgreen openings, and love for the brand.
Sweetgreen brand management word cloud
Many customers turn to twitter to contact Sweetgreen with their gratitude and praise. Others use social media to life-cast about their visits to Sweetgreen. We identified these prominent themes using Topic Waves, the automated topic modeling feature in Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight platform.
Sweetgreen brand management topic waves

brand management tweets

The overall sentiment of online conversation surrounding the Sweetgreen is overwhelmingly positive at 54% and negative sentiment at 9%. Customers love interacting with the Sweetgreen brand by praising the shops and life-casting their visits to the restaurants online. The relatively small amount of negative chatter is driven by complaints about individual in-store experiences.
Sweetgreen brand management sentiment analysis by proportion of posts
brand management tweets
Going beyond positive and negative sentiment, what other topics drive the conversation around Sweetgreen? Using ForSight’s BrightView™ opinion analysis technology, we broke down the individual topics that drive online conversations. As expected the life-casting and salad/drinks conversation represent a large share of the online conversation. And chatter about the Sweetlife Festival, Sweetgreen’s annual musical event, was a popular topic as well. It is notable that conversation about the Sweetlife festival remains strong throughout the year, not only spiking during ticket sales or leading up the festival itself.
Sweetgreen brand management opinion analysis by proportion of posts
The consistent Sweetlife conversation is a good example of how brands can drive conversation about their brand all year long by reaching out to their consumers and using real-life events, like the Sweetlife Festival, and digital presence on social media networks to reinforce each other.
Sweetgreen Festival part of brand management
Chipotle has been holding multiple festivals for years and has recently premiered it’s own online TV show. Music festivals, online viral video campaign, and active brand ambassadors are all good ways to engage and expand your network of brand champions on social media. As Sweetgreen’s success shows, brands need to take “IRL” and digital efforts to the next level now to interact with consumers and to empower brand cheerleaders to sing the praises of the product and brand on social media.
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