Super Bowl Ads Toss Social Media Engagement Into Game Plan

With the Super Bowl scheduled for this Sunday, retailers and food and beverage purveyors are preparing for one of their largest marketing efforts of the year. Among the usual retailers that vie for the attention of millions of estimated viewers, competitors include food and drink brands such as Doritos, Pepsi, Coke, Taco Bell, and Budweiser.

Super Bowl Social Media Engagement 2014 ads

As advertising spots become more expensive, many food brands have instead chosen to reinvigorate their game-day advertising techniques in order to compete with increasing competition. New tactics include the launch of social media campaigns in the weeks leading up to the big game and pre-releasing their highly anticipated commercials.

Papa John and Social Media for Super Bowl

This tactic is used to allow viewers to vote – including “voting” by posting and tweeting via social media – for their favorite commercial that airs during the game. For many of these brands, these new tactics serve as an opportunity to boost brand awareness up until right before the big game, and potentially earn a coveted spot on viewer’s living room tables during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Papa John advertising campaign
One food retailer’s efforts to foster awareness have been made substantially easier by their spokesperson: Peyton Manning. This upcoming weekend, NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is not only leading his Denver Broncos to the championship game, but is also bringing his team of endorsers along with him to share in the holy grail of media coverage that is Super Bowl Sunday. Using Crimson Hexagon’s new topic waves feature to model clusters of conversation regarding “Papa John’s” and “Super Bowl,” we see that Manning’s long-time endorsement deal with Papa John’s has Twitter buzzing about the Kentucky-based pizza chain related to this Sunday’s event, giving them a long leg up in the marketing competition.

Papa John Payton Manning Topic Wave

With sentiment online ranging between positive and sarcastic, the veteran quarterback’s prominence and close association to the restaurant chain is sure to keep Papa John’s pizza on the forefront of viewers’ minds. In the meantime, Papa John’s prepares their game-day menu and looks forward to siting down to watch their endorser battle the Seattle Seahawks for the Lombardi Trophy.

Payton Manning Papa John Super Bowl Word Cloud

Papa John’s has chosen their dream spokesperson in Peyton Manning, as the superstar’s efforts on the field have helped them become the unofficial pizza of Super Bowl 48 (XLVIII). Perhaps now the only thing that Papa John’s could ask from Manning is to win Sunday’s game in hopes of positioning them as the “pizza of champions”.

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