Summer Destination Hotspots

Using social media data to see where Americans are planning to travel this summer

Where are Americans traveling this summer?  What are some of their most talked about destinations? What are their concerns? We looked at thousands of social media posts within the United States since the beginning of the year to help us answer these questions and gain insights into people’s travel plans for the summer.

Others discuss their travel plans more generally, like plans to travel to a beach or island or go camping or hiking.

Itinerary Planning

But people aren’t just listing their summer destinations without doing their research. Many seek advice, recommendations, and reviews from fellow travelers on itineraries, rentals, flights, or overall experiences.
In fact, over 60% of conversation takes place on forums. With making up 34% of top sites where total discussion takes place.

Safety concerns are also a product of people researching and planning their summer travel destinations. When classifying the conversation by emotion, we see that 20% of that discussion is fear, especially if people are traveling solo.

Wherever people plan on traveling to this summer, we know they heavily weigh their options and do their research first. These people aren’t just travelers, but planners. They customize itineraries and investigate the local area. People want advice from experienced travelers and locals, recommendations on where to go and what to see, and, perhaps most importantly, want to ensure their trips are safe. As much as people are excited about their summer vacation plans, they are just as vigilant about the all the behind-the-scene details that make their travel so memorable.

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