With #Stratos Challenge, Red Bull Soars on Social Media

After 5 years of planning and preparation, Felix Baumgartner, world famous skydiver and daredevil, became the first man to jump from 24 miles above the Earth, reaching a record breaking 883 mph, surpassing Mach 1 speeds and cracking the sound barrier. Broadcast on YouTube, the livestream of the jump achieved 8 million concurrent views, the most for any event ever.  Many riveted viewers tweeted about the event live and in the moments and hours after Baumgartner’s jump.
Using Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight platform, we analyzed an astounding one-day total of almost 900,000 mentions about Felix Baumgartner and his extraordinary feat.
As we might expect, the majority of the conversation (53%) comments on watching the jump event.  We analyzed the additional themes of conversation emerged around this compelling event as well.

6% marvels at the records broken by Felix Baumgartner’s descent, including the fastest speed, highest free fall, and shattered sound barrier.
7% lauds Baumgartner for the completion of his extraordinary feat; this part of the conversation regards him as a hero and remarks on the resolve and fortitude required to make the jump.
Additionally, 15% of the conversation expresses curiousity about Baumgartner’s experience, wondering what he felt before he leapt and about the overall experience of jumping from 120,000 feet.
Praise was given to Red Bull — at 5% of the conversation — commending them for their brilliant, unconventional marketing and advertising strategy.
And in what is becoming common with popular events on Twitter, 14% of the conversation engaged with the jump through humorous tweets and jokes.
Are sensational, media-neutral advertising events the linchpin for virality on Twitter?  What are the longer-term effects on brands like Red Bull of events that “soar,” at least for awhile, on social media?
At Crimson Hexagon, we will keep answering brand and marketing questions by analyzing social media.
In the meantime, let us know what you think about Baumgartner’s jump and Red Bull’s event and marketing approaches in the comments below.
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