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Using image analytics to identify user-generated content

Whenever I speak with clients about image analytics, there’s one question that inevitably comes up: “Well, Tom, this is great, but how do I actually use this in the real world?” No matter how powerful the technology is, people want to understand how they can harness it to answer actual questions about their brand, industry or audience. And I don’t blame them.

One such use is identifying user-generated content to drive sales for your business. Everyone knows that regular consumers displaying the products they use can be as (or more) effective at attracting new customers as traditional advertising. Only through image analytics can these examples of user-generated be easily surfaced and amplified.

In the photos above I used a combination of logo and image recognition technology to identify user-generated content for specific brands. For example, in order to find photos of the Garmin watch, I built a query that searched for all posts that included both the object watch and Garmin’s logo. You’ll also notice in the text there is no mention of watches, Garmin, or activity trackers. On sites like Instagram, text is often limited, which discourages users from adding text to specifically call out a brand shown in the image. Yet this is exactly the type of information that brands need to better understand how consumers are interacting with their products in the real world.
Maybe now you’re thinking to yourself “so what you found a bunch of cool pictures of my branded products on Instagram… what is the impact to my business?” But identifying the branded images is just the beginning. If executed correctly, brands can use these social interactions to attract new customers.
Here are several examples where sharing user-generated content yielded measurable results for a company.

  1. Chobani

  2. Coca-Cola

  3. Burberry

Of course, these are just a few examples of the power of user-generated content for brands. The more creative you get (and, of course, the more powerful your image analysis technology), the more you can do with the user content you surface. Stay tuned for more content about using image analysis to surface and leverage the incredibly powerful tool that is user-generated content.

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