State of the Union Address Doesn't Impact the Masses Quite as Well as Hoped

Majority of Opinions on Twitter Categorized as Negative
Despite what many in the political sphere thought was a classically well prepared and delivered Obama speech, with a balanced bi-partisan approach and compelling messages intended to unify and inspire, the majority of opinions on Twitter weren’t favorable reactions to the President and his State of the Union address.
Here are the detailed themes within the main positive and negative categories revealed as part of the Crimson Hexagon analysis.

Analysis source: Twitter data from January 26, 2011

  • 390,000 total opinions analyzed
  • 180,000 relevant opinions analyzed

56% Negative Reaction (56% of the 180,000 relevant opinions analyzed)

  • Generally negative 32%
  • Obama’s plans are “easier said than done”: 6%
  • Didn’t watch (anti-Obama/anti-govt.): 5%
  • Negative reaction specifically to “Energy/Innovation”: 7%
  • Negative reaction specifically to “Education reform”: 6%

46% Positive Reaction (46% of the 180,000 relevant opinions analyzed)

  • Generally positive 24%
  • Positive reaction specifically to “Energy/Innovation”: 13%
  • Positive reaction specifically to “Education reform”: 9%

Note: Totals don’t add to 100% due to rounding within analyzed categories.
What do you think? Is this consistent with your own reaction to the speech? We’d love to hear your perspective.
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