Social Statistics Behind the Opening of the World Cup

The temperature is rising, and so is the excitement for the 2014 Fifa World Cup, hosted this year in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. For the past few weeks, we monitored the social chatter leading up to opening day and the sponsorships which were gaining the most traction and attention with fans around the world.
We worked together with our sport loving friends at Offerpop to help share the numbers behind the stories surrounding the Cup. With the exciting statistics related to promotional advertising and marketing engagement, as well as the general discussion about the cup over social media platforms, there’s plenty to discuss. A big kudos to the World Cup newcomer, United Arab Emirates, who generated more World Cup tweets than Brazil so far!
This is only the beginning and there will be new and interesting trends in World Cup social media throughout the coming weeks, so best of luck to all the teams competing and we’ll try to keep you updated on the progress of the games!
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Offerpop’s World Cup Infographic:
World Cup Infographic

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