Social Sentiment Analysis: Consumers Hang Up On Verizon

Verizon Wireless is back in familiar territory. No stranger to consumer backlash, the company’s most recent decision to terminate unlimited data plans for its new LTE service has its subscribers crying foul.
Agitated customers have expressed their concerns online, and through our ForSight platform social sentiment analysis platform, we examined and quantified the themes in this heated conversation.

The conversation skewed negatively. Outside of the 29% that simply shared the story, the conversation deals a blow to Verizon’s reputation.

  • 20% of conversation sees the company’s move as a punishment to loyal customers—in addition, many note this is a “trend”
  • 15% found this to be another example of the brand’s greed
  • 9% were happy to already with another carrier—and pity those with the misfortune of still being a Verizon customer
  • 27% are looking forward to ending their relationship with Verizon, either by cancelling their contract or switching once their current contract ends

Last month, we also monitored conversation surrounding Verizon’s fee hike for upgrading to a new phone and found a similar pattern of negative sentiment—but this time, the conversation advocating churn is much larger. Take a look at the chart below: 11% of the fees conversation wanted to leave Big Red; in the data conversation, it accounts for almost 30%.

This makes sense to us: in our earlier analysis, Verizon changed their price. But now they’re actually changing their product. During the discussion on pricing changes, customers said they felt “violated” but didn’t strongly associate it with leaving the carrier. Now that the customer experience has changed more people are angry.
Are you a current Verizon subscriber who is debating switching or are you wondering if your phone provider might institute a similar method for data pricing down the road? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, tweet @crimsonhexagon, or email us at

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