Social Media's Prominence in the Consumer Marketplace: The Customer Owns the Pilot Seat

Dana Miller, Crimson Hexagon’s SVP of Client Services, discusses the power of customer insights in the public sphere with the KRLD/CBS Dallas radio.

How can a company stay ahead of the conversation (when relating to consumers)?

“I’m particularly passionate about at Crimson Hexagon, how we can help with customer experience.  I’m a huge proponent for being proactive, and really understanding a lot about your customer, so that you know how not to react when something goes wrong, but how to avoid the situation entirely, or to even pleasantly surprise your customer with something unexpected.”

Today’s businesses need to incorporate social analytics for improved consumer insights. By adding in the value of social data, you can better understand the profile of your customer, and you can better anticipate how they will react in a particular situation and surprise them with positive connections.
The personality of the airline, the brand personality to the forefront or the organization, makes the difference in connecting with your customer. We recently conducted an analysis of the most prolific airline brands for North America and Europe, specifying down to a list of 10. We found that, through our human trained, machine learning analyses, there were many top brands who had responded to social media users ineffectively and driven their social sentiment into the ground. Now, the sentiment must be taken within the framework of today’s flying requirements: due to weather restrictions and other important delays, it is often impossible for flights to take off on time. But what seems to be the largest problem for some airlines, was not what they were saying to customers, but how they delivered the messages. To read through our recommendations for brand success to these airlines, download our airline report.
Leveraging social insights can change the way brands do business: from relating to customers, to driving targeted marketing campaigns, the data can help illustrate the best way to garner attention for your business.

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