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3 Things to Watch For During the Second Presidential Showdown

The second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is scheduled for Sunday at 9 pm EST at the Washington University in St. Louis. Because it is a town hall style debate, candidates will be asked questions by the co-moderators, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper, as well as from the audience at large. Over 80 million people tuned in to watch the debate, from all over the world.

The first debate was a truly national conversation, with participation from all the major states.

With so much attention after the first debate focused on the back and forth conversations between candidates, what should be expect from the second round? Will the moderators be able to control the conversation and clock? What key topics will the candidates raise and how will audiences react? Who will walk away the victor? In the lead up to Sunday’s debate, we decided to take a look back at the social response to the first face off.

Watch out for the VP chatter

The Vice Presidential candidates brought their best at last Tuesday’s debate, and conversations and talking points could carry over in this debate. By analyzing social channels we can see that much of the conversations focus on Tim Kaine and Mike Pence interrupting each other, and the moderator losing control of the debate. Pence was also called out for ignoring the lies perpetuated by Trump in previous interviews and debates, while Kaine’s negative coverage focused on his aggressive debate tactics. Below are some examples of the posts that unfolded that evening:

Listen for the ‘bites

The most memorable sound bites from the candidates make for the best social posts, and the conversation on Twitter will be driven by these moments. Together, these sound bites create the narrative that ultimately helps determine who is seen as the ‘winner’ of these debates.
Here are some of the top soundbites from the first debate still resonating today:

Wait for the win

“There’s a moment after you cast the die but before it hits the table. Breathe wrong and you’ll change the way it lands.” – West Wing

There’s usually a point in a debate when viewers are persuaded that one candidate has won. Here are some of the moments from the first debate that led influencers and audiences to declare that Clinton won the first contest.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for these “tide-turning” conversations and how audiences feel during the debate using emotional sentiment. But here’s some of the predictions and tips flowing over social for the candidates if they choose to check in with their voters.

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