Social Media Monitoring and Analysis: Is Apple Becoming An ‘Industry Follower’?

AppleSince announcing the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, Apple has reshaped the computing and mobile phone industries and cemented its status as an industry leader. However, the combination of the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs one year ago and a handful of missteps by the company recently, namely Apple Maps, have led many to conclude that the shine is off the veritable apple. This past week, Apple released the iPad mini, a 7.9 inch tablet designed to fend off competition from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Analyzing this conversation, using ForSight, Crimson Hexagon’s social media monitoring and analysis platform, we found that reactions to the iPad mini were lukewarm at best.
Similar to other Apple product launches, 21% of the conversation expressed desire in the iPad mini. Users highlighted the middle-of-the-road sizing or their lack of either an iPhone or iPad to justify their purchase.
However, a majority remain skeptical of the device. In all, 31% of the conversation fails to see the point of making an iPad mini:
Others think Apple’s cannibalizing their own products by releasing an iPad mini:
Yet the most compelling insight uncovered by Crimson Hexagon’s social media monitoring and analysis came from consumer’s current perception of Apple, which has the company pegged as somewhat of a copycat. Some found it hypocritical of the company, given Steve Jobs comments regarding 7 inch tablets as “dead on arrival.”  Others expressed that launching a product that competes rather than revolutionizes is a warning of a weak future for Apple.
Given Apple’s recent moves in the post Steve Jobs era, do you feel that the company’s best days are behind it, but will remain a compelling force in the tech industry or does Tim Cook have some secret surprise in his product roadmap?
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