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Crate & Barrel Splits with TBWAChiatDay

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At 10:00 am (EST) on March 24th, Adweek announced that “TBWA/Chiat/Day is splitting with client Crate & Barrel at the end of April”. Obviously this means that Crate and Barrel will soon be reaching out to other design shops in search of a new agency. This blog post seeks to ask the question, “If I worked for an agency, how would I pitch Crate & Barrel using social media data?” My answer is going to involve two important aspects of Crimson Hexagon’s platform: our recently released Affinities tool and our Opinion Analysis tool that quantifies consumer sentiment.
Our Opinion Analysis is unique in that, traditionally, social media analysis can only provide two quantitative results: volume and sentiment (and that is if you trust the sentiment scoring). However, Crimson Hexagon’s Opinion Analysis, powered by our BrightView™ algorithm, allows users to effectively categorize social media to quantify how consumers are interacting with a brand.
Additionally, other social media listening tools measure user affinities through static bio data. However, users’ affinities are changing all the time and often more nuanced and deeper than their declared bio data. Crimson Hexagon uses a unique dynamic methodology that more holistically understands a user’s affinities.
In looking at Crate & Barrel through our Opinion Analysis we can better understand why consumers love Crate & Barrel and what their feelings are toward the brand:
Social media listening tool for Crate & Barrel opinion analysis for agencies
This data quantifies that 14% of the conversation around the brand expresses a connection between “New Home Aspirations” and their brand, while 8% of the conversation is highlighting intent to shop through the “Let’s Go Shopping” category. Over time, we can even correlate “New Home Aspiration” with “Let’s Go Shopping!”
Social media listening tool for Crate & Barrel sonsumer sentiment for agencies
While quantifying consumer sentiment is helpful in understanding conversation about the brand, another important aspect is understanding who the consumers are and what affinities they hold.
Crate & Barrel Social media data visualization General Twitter
Not surprisingly, the affinities of those mentioning Crate & Barrel lean heavily into categories like, “Home Decorating”, “Cooking”, “Furniture” or “Cooking”. We can then quantify an interest like “Home Decorating” which is 149 times more likely to be an interest of people mentioning Crate & Barrel, than it is of the general Twitter population.
While this is interesting, we can gain even more insight by comparing the affinities of those mentioning Crate & Barrel to those mentioning Pottery Barn.
Crate & Barrel Social media visualization Crate & Barrel vs Pottery Barn
We see that previously mentioned affinities (“Home Decorating”, “Cooking”, etc.) still trend towards Crate & Barrel, but notice a large segment of the interests commonly associated with parenting and teens trend toward Pottery Barn, but at a much smaller index. Those mentioning Crate and Barrel are 7 times more likely have an affinity towards “Furniture”, while those mentioning Pottery Barn are only 1/3rd more likely to have an affinity towards “Homework”. Thus, while “Homework” is more unique to Pottery Barn, it is only so at a slight margin, which presents an opportunity for Crate & Barrel.
One can then conclude that the Pottery Barn, and their lines aimed at Kids and Teens, are successfully attracting affinities that would most likely represent parents and teens, but only slightly. An interesting strategy for an agency pitching Crate and Barrel would be to propose that they target parents and teens to win those affinities that lean only slightly towards Pottery Barn and then use the Opinion Analysis to quantify that market by examining those who express an interest in buying furniture for their children and teens and their related affinities.
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