Social Media Leadership Forum – "Data Is Where It's At"

As Crimson Hexagon grows and expands into new markets we attend a variety of events to network and educate marketers, digital strategists, and insights managers on how social data must play a key role in business decisions. Last week we were fortunate to be welcomed at the very exclusive Social Media Leadership Forum (SMLF) – How to Create and Embed a Data Driven Culture. We found this event was truly representative of what we do at Crimson – helping organisations leverage social data to make better informed business decisions through social data analysis.
The event consisted of a panel of experts  IBM, Thomson Reuters, Immediate Future and Mondelez shared their challenges in making sense of social data and also tips for those getting started in this journey. Some of the best moments were captured on Twitter.
How do companies turn (big) data into actionable, business insights:

It was interesting to see how much of the conversation actually focused on measurable business metrics, rather than just social data on its own:

And for all the importance placed on analysing data, it’s still key to match measurable insights with qualitative information:

Leading companies worldwide are using the SMLF to engage with each other and thought-provoking independent experts to get their questions answered and to share best practices.  The SMLF helps organisations to succeed in a ‘What’s Next” world, a world where Social Media and new emerging technology challenges merge. The aim of the SMLF is to create an ‘always on’ collaborative community of world leading organisations.
SMLF founder Justin Hunt said:

In an age of massive technology disruption our purpose is to bring together major Blue Chip companies and brands in a collaborative peer-to-peer environment. Member organisations join with peers, cutting edge start-ups, thought leaders and innovators to predict and evaluate how new emerging technologies can transform their industry, company, career and life. For the first time we are opening up the forum to partners who can add value to the collaborative peer to peer Social Media Leadership forum.

We encourage brands to check out the SMLF events and all the things they have to offer for am unbiased, broad view on how to leverage social data for business!

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