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 Initial Consumer Response to Gone Girl’s Social Media Advertising

Social media analysis requires a fair amount of detective work. Analysts have to search for evidence, identify their suspects, and uncover the guilty party. Just like marketers and advertisers who are searching for their next campaign strategy or target audience, consumers are always ready for a good mystery. In fact, brands have used this enthusiasm to increase engagement and maximize the impact of their paid media.
Take Gone Girl for example. The film, a gripping thriller, was released this week and stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. With reviews circulated by movie critics and moviegoers alike, there has been a social media uproar across social media platforms. It appears as though a New York Times Best Seller, some of Hollywood’s top actors, and a trailer filled with suspense, is a winning combination.

Over the past three months, the novel and movie have garnered over 170,000 posts. While there has been some negative reception of the book and its controversial ending, the majority of the conversation is positive. In fact, 65% of the conversation is made up of people expressing an intent to see the film and 16% offer positive book reviews. Most importantly, positive conversation dwarfs negative responses, as fans begin heading for the theaters. Turning to who is talking about Gone Girl, we find that interest in the film is far reaching, spanning the globe and including both men (41%) and women (59%). GG Gender and World Map Analysis Not surprisingly, the Gone Girl audience has a strong interest in film and television. They are 113 times more interested in film festivals, 9 times more interested in HBO, and 8 times more interested in filmmaking than the general Twitter audience. In contrast to their strongest interests, they are only ½ as interested in homework, ⅓ as interested in One Direction, and ¼ as interested in Justin Bieber than the general Twitter audience, suggesting an older audience profile for Gone Girl. Gone Girl Affinities When we delve into these interest segments, we find out even more about our audience. For instance, when we look at filmmakers we can learn about commonly shared interests, top Retweets, and top profiles in this segment. Who knew that filmmakers were interested in comic books? Filmmaker Segments In addition to investigating the Gone Girl audience’s interests, we take a closer look at what people are saying. We find an interesting topic–a Pinterest Page belonging to Amy Dunn, the fictional missing wife, around whom the mystery is centered. Although the source of Amy Dunn’s Pinterest account is unknown, it has over 5,000 followers and links users to the movie’s web page and Twitter profile.

The virtual world of social media provides a space in which brands really can come to life. Enthusiasm for the release of Gone Girl has been growing across the globe as fans share their reviews of the book and make plans to see the film. In addition to personal critiques, fans have also been sharing trailers and movie advertisements, maximizing the reach of the film’s paid media. While we may never know if Amy Dunn’s Pinterest page is the work of a stealthy native marketing campaign or an enthusiastic fan, we have been able to uncover who is talking about Gone Girl and what they are saying.
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