Social Media Buzz After Facebook Reveals Graph Search

Announcement Generates Talk of Business and Competitors on Social Media

Facebook’s announcement of Graph Search on Tuesday was sure to spark intense social media buzz and draw a great deal of interest and comments. In fact, it generated more than 160,000 relevant posts on Twitter in the first two days.
The open question is how the public would respond. In the past, Facebook users have expressed concern and even anger about the implications of Facebook’s innovations for privacy. Other times, instead of hailing new developments, users have expressed disappointment about new design – even taking to social media to ask Facebook to restore the previous user interface.
Social Media Buzz on Facebook Graph Search Categories
In response to the Graph Search announcement, we see a new trend emerge: discussion of the implications of Graph Search for competitors, the market, and the business world dominates the social media conversation about the announcement on Twitter. On January 15 and 16, 26% of the conversation discusses what the Graph Search will mean for search competitors, including Google and LinkedIn.
Social Media Buzz on Facebook Graph Search Word Cluster
Social Media Buzz on Facebook Graph Search Topic Wheel
The word cluster and topic wheel represent a sample of the conversation addressing “Implications for competitors and the business world.” They provide a window into the connections between different players in the search space and the other business considerations of Facebook’s Graph Search, including what Graph Search will mean for digital marketers.
Social Media Buzz on Facebook Graph Search Proportion
Between the day of the announcement and the next day, we see that the business implications category and the conversation about privacy increase as a proportion of the conversation, while positive reviews (“cool innovation”) and negative reviews (“trivial and/or disappointing”) taper as a proportion of the conversation.
Social Media Buzz on Facebook Graph Search Map and Gender
Using Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ social media analytics platform, you can discover who is posting on the topic of Facebook Graph Search and the geographic locations. On the topic of the new Facebook Graph Search, the most posts per capita come from New York, California, and Massachusetts, which are places that would be particularly interested in the business implications of the announcement. In addition, we find that men are more engaged in the social media buzz about Facebook’s announcement than women.
What do you think about the social media buzz surrounding Facebook’s new Graph Search? Are you thinking about the impacts on your business or industry? Post your comments below or share your opinion on Twitter!

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